… Children growing up in poverty are at a higher risk of having poor health, behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, being involved in criminal activity, being sexually abused, and becoming teenage parents.  Breaking the cycle of generational poverty begins with removing the debilitating limiting self-beliefs and mental hurdles that perpetuate and promote generational poverty. BME Transformational Academy and BME Kids provides training programs that provide duplicatable life skills, build self-esteem, clear mental hurdles and transform mindsets, creating a culture of success enabling brilliant minds to emerge in both parents and their children. Breaking the cycle of poverty impacts all of us.  Your help is vital.  You can get involved through your charitable sponsorship which will provide the infrastructure and scholarships for families to attend the transformational training classes offered through BME Transformational Academy and BME Kids.

Sponsorship Levels are as follows:

Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated.  This transformational work would not be possible without generous sponsors such as you.


Jasmine Byers

CEO BME Transformation Academy & BME Kids, Inc.