An umbrella of all things transformational. Things such as coaching courses, youth mentoring, and skill building workshops. The academy provides the wisdom and self-development tools for a growth mindset.

I’m a single mother that has experienced the hardships of life: failed relationships, abandonment, abuse, poverty, self-esteem issues, and depression. When I reached my lowest point in life and felt my life had no real meaning, purpose or direction I contemplated giving up on life. At the darkest of moments, I reached out for therapy and counseling. This is where I discovered the beauty of my inner me. The me that had been suppressed for so long. Even though I was proud to stand in my authenticity I was still seeking and searching more healing. I then started to research the wisdom of the past, present, and future. My transformational journey awaked my knowledge of spirit and enlightened my purpose and passion to help and serve others. My life now has new meaning. I now stand on the legacy of others and have created a legacy of my own.