“You know the phrase” (negative Nancy) a couple of years back that was me. The look on my face of discouragement and hopelessness was as if it was permanently painted. I was told I was beautiful, but I did not know or feel that way about myself. I did not feel I was worthwhile, “I was looking for love in all the wrong places”. When I looked in the mirror, my inner self showed. All I saw was abandonment, manipulation, and abuse. I was physically and mentally exhausted in more ways than many. I was surrounded by Toxicity. I was naive to the circle of life, so every time I thought I was changing I found myself hung up on my old ways and the same environment. The reality for me was a single parent of two walking around with a bag labeled lackful poverty mindset. Inside the clutter filled bag were compartments which held the emotional weights of pain, fears, worries and anxieties not to mention my personal necessities of my jack of all trade’s lifestyle. It’s the image and story of how society views the single woman’s struggle.

It’s something significant about three: It’s my trinity, testimony and triumph. The third time around I broke free and rose up. I heard his call, “rise up ye; women that are at ease; hear my voice ye careless daughters; give ear unto my speech” ~ Isaiah 32:9.

I answered the call and transformed from Jay to Jazz (a neighborhood Goddess). I have another trinity, a brand-new bag, a brand-new attitude, and a brand new me.

The biggest advantage of it all is I was blessed with mentors, sisters, and angels. They shined their light, so that I was able to see my true self. I now have boundaries, order, and confidence when I do things. I received the divine ticket and
I am carrying it proudly to my destination. I am the founder and CEO of all things BME (Brilliant Minds Emerge) a born business mogul. At first, I could hear the call, but I did not know how to respond to the call or what I was rising up to. It was the call to not only EVOLVE BACK TO AUTHENTICITY, but to walk #THE BME WAY! Authentically with principle, purpose, passion and direction (the movement).

It’s a true blessing to live a joyously abundant life. I am grateful that I am protected and supported. I am honored to hold and be among such power. “To whom much is given much will be required.” ~ Luke 12:48.

I want to help guide you to receive your divine ticket by simply being a beacon of light.


As I empower women to rise up and be genuine. Encouraging them to throw away what they believe to be limitations and restraints. Showing them that by binding together embracing the movement, we can change the generational cycle. Live abundantly to be your higher self and create lasting legacies you want to leave behind for your loved ones.