As parents, or shall I say as a single parent life can feel like its pulling you in a million different directions. We tend to miss things that may be right in front of our eyes . when covid 19 hit things were forced to slow down. This allowed me the time to focus in on my family. I was able to noticed things about them that I missed when I was busy . Once my daughter and son began to express their feelings: on things such as how they felt when they where in school with peers to how they felt about things at home. It opened me up and i decided that with the school days slowing down and my former business at a halt, that I would take in all the kids from my immediate family
I structured their stay in my home as a camp. I helped them with virtual school and implemented an itinerary of activities that allowed us to bound closer as a family. I was able to tap into their emotions and feelings and they were able to open up; not only to me but also to their parents. My strategies help them to embrace who they were without judgment and change their self-talk. they were able to experience things that helped them realize they were not a product of their environment, but instead something much greater. They learned and expanded on the hobbies and skills that interested them. Each of them introduced a new hobby to the group which allowed them to break free from their usual cliques. For the finally of the program the children put together a Mother’s Day event. we had the ultimate test of teamwork. each kid cooked a dish, and I turned my home into a restaurant. I taught the kids proper etiquette, and each child took a role from coat check to server. They also handmade gifts for their mothers and year books that showed all the things they learned during the stay. this brought tears to their eyes; the parents could not believe the results of their children.

The best part of it all is that children are great imitators, they look up to us as role models and inspiration. I had already had (BME) as the name of my former business. I didn’t know that the kids were paying so much attention to me as a business owner. little entrepreneurs as they became, they came up with the name BeingME KIDS. Each of them used their talents from photography to rapping to video editing to create content for the program. It inspired me to go even further and show the kids that dreams can indeed be reality. I took the kids on a journey as we traveled the states and landed an opportunity to present our program to a summer camp that was being held in South Carolina at Luther Vaughn Elementary school. The school board feel in love the kids were ecstatic; That is how you have BeingME KIDS today.

Our goal is to leave an impression on the subconscious minds of our youth and set them up for future growth.

BeingME KIDS partners with other outside organizations within your community along with the BME TRANSFORMATION ACADEMY to teach children to express themselves, feelings, and emotions through creative techniques and skills, while also exploring their passions to spark their purpose and enlighten the path to their Destiny

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